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Yes! Matoaka "Pocahontas" Powhatan is my 12xGreat Aunt

Many of you have heard of Matoaka "Pocahontas" Powhatan later Rebecca Rolfe ... she is my paternal 12x Great Aunt via my 12x Great Grandmother "Cleopatra Powhatan" , they were sisters. On My Fathers, Fathers, Mothers Side, My Bloodline 11xGreat Grandmother is Elizabeth Powhatan whose parents are Cleopatra Powhatan (cunk-1641) & Weroance Opechancanough Mangopeesomon Powhatan "Chief Eagle Plume" (1554-1646) a Powerful & Strategically Wise War Chief of the Powhatan Chiefdom, he became Paraomunt Chief after his older Famous brother Chief Powhatan "Wahunsenacawh Powhatan" (1547-1618) & middle brother "Opitchipam Powhatan, Also known as: Itoyatin, Otiotan and Sasawpen. Maternal brother of Wahunsenacawh and Opechancanough. Paramount Chief after the death of his older brother Wahunsenacawh, 1618 to 1630. While he was Paramount Chief his younger brother Opechancanough was his War Chief. Opitchipam died in 1630 and Opechancanough became Paramount Chief.

Also Visit My YouTube Channel, it is Dedicated to My Indigenous & Creole/Criollos Ancestors Spirituality & Culture. Here I did a Video Showing some of My "Family Tree" of My Bloodline, Ancestors, Relatives. An excerpt:

"....My Bloodline 11th Great Grandmother Elizabeth Powhatan(Married name Massey) She was the Daughter of Cleopatra Powhatan and "Weroance #Opechancanough Mangopeesomon Powhatan"(Chief Eagle Plume) My 12th Great Grandfather. My 12th Great Grandmother Cleopatras Sister/Aunt is Matoaka (Amonute) #Pocahontas whose father is the Once Paramount Chief "Weroance #Wahunsenacawh Powhatan" of Tsenacommacah,Werowocomoco... present day Virginia. Powhatan ruled 30 tribes in that area of Turtle Island


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