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Toltec Oracle Reading
(Xi Olmec, Tamoanchan, Teotihuacan, Amaru, Mayan Spirituality & Cultural Reading)

Native American Tarot Deck (American Indian Mix, Blending Deck of Indigenous Spirituality)

Tikar Spider Reading
Alkebulan /  (Ngame', KaKa Spirituality

Orisha Tarot Reading

Combo of Yoruba (Ifa), Umbanda, Santeria, Lucumi Spirituality

Isis Oracle Reading
(Auset/ Ancient Kemet Nubia Spirituality & Culture Reading

Featured "FULL MOON" Oracle & Tarot Reading

Animal Medicine Card Reading (Animal Spirit Medicine, AbOriginal, Indigenous Spirituality & Culture Reading)

Twin Flame Reading
(Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Karmic Partner Reading)


If you Receive a "Reading" from Me, Know & Understand that I Select Random Readings to Be Featured, Shared, Via My Website & or My "YouTube Channel" (I respect Privacy by NOT including your name, you will remain "Anonymous") Videos are Shared to Resonate with others going thru similar or same Life Situations etc. & may possibly Help Someone Else "Self Evaluate", take Steps to Help Themselves or seek other modes of help etc. 

(This is for "Entertainment Purposes" Only)

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