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Mardi Gras Indian & Carnival Culture of My Ancestors

I am Thankful My Ancestors tapped into their Ancestral Memory of Our Spiritual Culture. Celebration of the Dead "Ancestors" and their ways of Life "Culture"

Mardi Gras, Carnival and "Day of The Dead" Celebrations are just that. Putting on Ceremonial Regalia in Solidarity of our Ancestors Colorful , Vibrant full of Life Spiritual and Celebratory Culture.New Orleans Louisiana shares a POT FULL OF GUMBO of Cultures that are Syncretized. History tells us in particular the CADDO "KADDOHADACHO" TRIBE are bloodline Descendants of the Great OLMEC "Xi" Tamoanchan of The Americas. Mistakingly called "Red Bones" , Creoles, Criollos, Mulattoes & Maroons. During Mardi Gras & Carnival Time Mardi Gras Indians create & adorn themselves in Ceremonial Regalia paying Homage to Xi Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, Mixtec & VARIOUS AMERICAN INDIAN NATIONS, TRIBES OF TURTLE ISLAND along with some Diasporic Tribes Taino, Carribs, Arawaks of "Isle of Hispanolia "HAITI" named after its "Golden Flower" "ANACOANA" Indigenous Queen of Ayiti (Hayti) have Day of Dead Feasts and Celebrations "Fete Ghede" & Our Cousins whom also Descended form Our "Xi" OLMECS Ancestors have Day of the Dead Celebrations "Dia De Los Muertos". We are Connected to the TREE OF LIFE & gladly Celebrate Our Bloodline Heritage that id full of Respectful Culture.

NOTE: Mardi Gras Indians had their own Parades and Celebrations due to Racism although yrs later they were allowed to join the big parades, they still Celebrate in the "Treme'" and in different Wards/neighborhoods in the communities of NOLA and other parts of Louisiana

I especially join in my ancestral cultural celebrations. I am pictured with Mardi Gras/ Carnival Regalia in homage to my bloodline ancestors. Also Pics from Me in NOLA in the "TREME'", on BOURBON STREET & French Quarters also Old "New Spain".

"Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler" "LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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