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Reading Suggested Love Gifts:

3 CARDs ONLY Reading  $77  Suggested Love Gift
(Past, Present & Beyond)​
2 Deck Reading   $99   Suggested Love Gift
3 Deck Reading   $199 Suggested Love Gift
*Includes Bonus*

Special PARTY Love Gifts Welcome...


"Suggested Love Gifts" are sent to my Personal PayPal Account (Presented as a Gift to Me Personally) there are NO Refunds of Love Gifts.

If you Receive a "Reading" from Me, Know & Understand that I Select Random Readings to Be Featured, Shared, Via My Website & or My "YouTube Channel" (I respect Privacy by NOT including your name, you will remain "Anonymous") Videos are Shared to Resonate with others going thru similar or same Life Situations etc. & may possibly Help Someone Else "Self Evaluate", take Steps to Help Themselves or seek other methods of help etc.

(This is for "Entertainment Purposes Only".)

Wado, Yakoke, Shonabish Chi, Merci Beaucoup, Gracias (Thankhyou)

Christina "Raven RedtailHawk Jaguar Xi" McCoy

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Anidohi & NuwatiAgeya Adeloquasgi

Spiritual Messenger & MedicineWombman Apprentice of Great Spirit, Ancestors, Spirit Guides & Elders)


(Golanv Gigage Tawodi Tlvdatsi Xi)

Amaru Venus Thunderbird Bast

NomzamoMa'at Kawlifah