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Wombman Chief of My Bloodline Ancestry Werowansqua Cockacoeske "Queen of Pamunkey" Powhatan

My Great Cousin Chief Cockacoeske became Werowansqua "Queen of the Pamunkeys" (descendant of My 12x Great Grandfather Opechancanough) she has been described as Majestic, Dignified & Diplomatic, the colonizers also called her "Queen Anne" after her husband Totopotomoi was killed in the "Battle of Bloody Run", he was the last Chief of the Powhatan Nation, Note ( Her first husband Totopotomoy/Toby West was the son of Gov. Thomas West; her second husband being Toby's first cousin Col. John West, son of Gov. John West, the brother of Gov. Thomas and sons of Thomas West 2nd or 11th Baron de la Warr.)

Various Tribes scattered due to having numerous battles with innvaders Cockacoeske ruled for 30 yrs somewhat peacefully until "Bacons Rebellion". At a meeting Cockacoeske loudly spoke" Tatapatamoi Chepiack" (Tatapamoi is dead)." after they tried to make her honor pre treaty obligations of sending more Indian warriors to help gov officials of now stolen virginia. Weroancsqua Cockacoeske "Queen of Pamunkey" Nation signed a "Treaty of Middle Plantation" "Articles of Peace" with now virginia govenor & Cockacoeske put a Clause in the treaty that "Article 12: "... which stated that "each Indian King and Queen have equal power to govern their owne people and none to have greater power than other except the "Queen of Pamunkey" to whom several scattered Indian Nations doe now againe owne their antient subjection...." This "ancient subjection" was an allusion to the powerful states created and sustained by Powhatan and Opechancanough, and historians believe that the several "scattered nations" Cockacoeske claimed as tributary were the Chickahominys and Rappahannocks, perhaps also the Chiskiacks, Totachus, and Mattaponys. Three other local Indian groups joined the treaty by 1780. Some of the Chickahominys & Rappahannocks did not truly want to follow (bow down) to the "Werowansqua Wombman Chief Cockacoeske"

An excerpt: from "Find a Grave"

""It was only after strong promises of better treatment by the colonists that Queen Anne agreed to provide the needed assistance. Following the end of the Rebellion, a silver headband, or coronet, inscribed Queen of Pamunkey was presented to her by King Charles II.

"Little more is heard about her following this period, beyond an appearance in 1715, when she visited the colonial authorities to request fair treatment for her people."

The Englishman eyewitness who recorded her appearance before the Virginia Council in 1675 described her as "Majestic.""

Christina "Golanv GigageTawodi Tlvdatsi Xi" McCoy

Here's a video for Indigenous Herstory Month


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