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I Am My Ancestors NvwatiAgeyv Adeloquasgi , Anidohi, AniWodi

Christina "Raven RedtailHawk Jaguar Xi" McCoy

Golanv Gigage Tawodi Tlvdatsi Xi


Under the Guidance of My Ancestors, Elders & Spiritual Team I AM Their “NvwatiAgeyv Adeloquasgi” "Alikchi" "Pisatima" (Spiritual MedicineWombman/Shaman Apprentice) & Spiritual “Anidohi” Messenger "AniWodi" FireKeeper

My Maternal GrandMother Reo & GrandFather C.Adger/Adgir (Brasseur, Brashears, Brazier) Owned their Own Farming Land that Produced, Veggies, Fruit, Livestock etc... they were Descendants of Caddo, Natchitoches & a Mix of Louisiana Tribes (Choctaw, Creole, REDBONES) Carolinas Chicora, Saponi etc) Farming Culture. Caddo/Kadohadacho have roots also in Ancient Mexico, Central & South America, Descendants of Aztec, Toltec, Mixtec Maya, Olmec Xi Tamoanchan) Red Bone Bloodline is a mix of South Eastern DarkSkinned Indian Nations, Saponi, Chicora, also RedBone, Mulungeons (Roma Gypsy, Punjab,Hindu, Mediterranean mix). I have done My Family's Genealogy & Honor My Great GrandMothers & Elders verbal history of My Bloodline.

My Paternal Great Grandmother R.B.Williams Knew & Practiced the Medicine Ways of Our Ancestors, from Herbal Medicine, Oral History/Stories/Legends/Myths, Ceremonial Spiritual Magic/Medicine. Some Openly, some Privately. Her Medicine was also influenced by the Invaders Christian Beliefs due to her Father being converted & becoming a Pastor & Founder of a Church. Our Ancestors went Undercover as Chiefs, Elders became Pastors, Bishops, Deacons etc Holy,Medicine Women became Healers,Prophets, Teachers etc. She came from Aniyunwiya, Tsalagi/Cherokee,Creek Mvskoke Seminole, Gullah, which are Descendants of Ancient Yamassee. Also there were Freedmen (Free Indians & Free People of Color listed as Mulatto, Indian & Some White). My Bloodline Ancestry consists of MoundBuilding Mississipian Culture AbOriginal (Indigenous Autochthonous) Melanin Rich Persons of the Americas/TurtleIsland of the Ancient Tamoanchan/Xi/Shi/Olmec who mixed w/some of the Gullah, Geechee from Diaspora who mixed with Various Southeastern American Indian Tribes. My Ancestors stayed with their Ancestral Land as Sharecroppers, Farmers/Dinilogisgi, Agriculture, Preserving Fruits & Vegetables, Making Syrups,Tinctures,Oils, for Medicinal Purposes & more. My Granny had an Ancient Elderberry Tree on her Land that she took Pride in making Elderberry Medicinals & Wine. She was also famous & loved for her Specific Medicinals (Elderberry, Sassafras), Preserves, Cooking, Wisdom(Reader/Seer/Oracle), Oral History, Stories, Spirituality,Traditions of Ancients & More. I was very Close to her, she lived to be 96yrs. She and other Ancestors are My Guides from the Spiritual Realm, I Salute & Appreciate them...

Also My Paternal Ancestry via the Slaughters, Alexanders, Massey ancestors, my several times Great Grandmothers are Elizabeth Powhatan (Massey), Cleopatra Powhatan & Several times Great Grandfathers Chief Eagle Plume " Weroance Opechancanough Mangopeesomon Powhatan" War Chief of the Powhatan Chiefdom,Federation, Nation "Wereowocomoco" &"Tsenacommacah" (present day Pamunkey Tribe , Tribes of Virginia Indians



Overstand I am ReLearning, Rediscovering & applying my bloodlines Ancient ways be continued

This is a Little GLIMPSE into My Melanin Rich Bloodline Ancestry & some of the Spiritual, Cultural & Traditional Practices I've incorporated into my Daily Life... It's A WAY OF LIFE For ME! ...

With this Unique Bloodline Mix of Tribes,Nations My Spiritualty & Culture is ECLECTIC!


  • My Spirituality Practices Includes: Mississippian Cultural Spirituality (Cherokee,Choctaw,Caddo, (Ancient Yamassee)Seminole/Gullah Geechee , Chicora, Saponi , Virginia & South Carolina Indian Tribes) ,Creole, Criollos, RedBone Descendants of  Aztec,Toltec,Mixtec, Maya/OlmecXi. &Powhatan

  • I also Embrace a creole mix of Umbanda, Yoruba/Ifa,Lucumi, Santeria, Ancient Kush/Nubia/Kemet/Phoenician, Some Muur, Moor Science Spirituality & more..... to be continued as I am discovering ... Foundation & Core of INDIGENOUS & Original Peoples & Diasporic Spirituality... I Am  Ever Evolving...

I Speak Life Because My Ancestors LIVE THRU ME, I Am Continuously ReDiscovering, Remembering Their Ancient Ways as Spiritual Medicine Wombman Apprentice/ “NvwatiAgeyv Adeloquasgi” & “Anidohi”(Messenger,Oracle, Card Reader, Diviner, Spiritualist) "AniWodi" FireKeeper in todays modern society. I take My Lifes Purpose Seriously & Am Daily Tuning Into their Messages, Signs, Symbols Deciphering them for Family Worldwide & some Personally/Privately.As I Learn & Master the Spiritual, Dream Realm, Herbal, Ceremonial, Oral Tradition, Stories etc Spiritual, Mental & Physical Realms with BALANCE I Will SHARE All (Ancestors,Guides) ALLOW Me to Assist & Help my Relatives, family worldwide to #HealSELF #LearnKnowHealMasterSELF #SaveSELF.

Love, Namaste, Ase’ A’ho, HOWAH!

Christina McCoy (also known as)

NvwatiAgeyv Adeloquasgi & Anidohi & AniWodi Golanv Gigage Tawodi Tlvdatsi Xi/Ix

Spiritual MedicineWombman Apprentice & Spiritual Messenger & FireKeeper Raven RedtailHawk Jaguar Xi/Ix

Shining C

(AmaraVenus Thunderbird 

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