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"SpiritStrology" & "Life Path" Readings Available Starting 2/2022

Life Path Readings & Astrology vs #SacredCalander of OlmecXi #AmerIndian SPIRITSTROLOGY #FireKeepers Restoring Sacred Calendar of Olmec #Xi (Toltec, Mixtec) Descendants Spirituality #Air #Water #Fire #Earth Signs #Rulers & #DaySigns #Animal Totems Readings Zodiac vs Animal Totems & LIFE PATH READINGS RRJXITIPS ANI~SPIRITSTROLOGY Life Readings $pecials $PECIALS Starting at: ● $25 (One Card) ●$77 (1 Deck 7 number of Divinity) ●$99 (2 Decks 9 number of ENLIGHTENMENT) ●$199 BONUS READING Included w/4 Decks #SuggestedLoveGift$ MERCH COMING SOON... ♡Ressurection of the #Sacred Spirituality, Culture & Practices of My Ancestors #READINGS HERBAL TIPS CULTURE & CREATIONS @RRJXITIPS RRJXI'S READINGS RRJXITIPS.COM Golanv Gigage Tawodi Tlvdatsi Xi Ravenredtailhawk Jaguarxi Tips #FireKeeper

Just a Few of the Principles of Ma'at I live by walking the #RedRoad as an #Autonomous Being #AncestralShapeShifter #FireKeeper #PanMelaninist @RRJXiTips Golanv Gigage Tawodi Tlvdatsi FULL MOON ENERGY Tsalagi #AniKituwagi #Aniyunwiya Full Moons (Cherokee Full Moons) ●January Cold Moon Du- no- lv- ta- ni ●February Bony Moon Ka- ga- li ●March Windy Moon Unu-La-hee ●April Flower Moon Ka- wa- ni ●May Planting Moon A- na- a- gv- ti ●June Green Corn Moon De- ha- lu- yi #Selu #CORNMOTHER ●July Ripe Corn Moon Gu- ye- quo- ni #Selu #CORNMOTHER ●August End of the Fruit Moon Ga- lo- nii ●September Nut Moon Du- li- i- s- di ●October Harvest Moon Du- ni- nv- di ●November Trading Moon Nu- da- de ●December Snow Moon Qua- v- s- gi- ga Traveling the #RedRoad 1. Observe nature with awe and gratitude. A sense of love and respect for all creation will begin to grow within me. 2. Learn to trust Creator and accept my circumstances, Overcoming adversity will produce spiritual growth within me as I walk the Red Road. 3. Seek for truth within myself, that I amy remove hypocrisy and evil intent from within my heart. 4. Repent and humbly surrender my will to Creator, that I may become one with Great Spirit. 5. Communicate with Great Spirit from my heart-listen, and live the insight I receive. 6. Learn true abstinence-it is in serving others, with an attitude of loving-kindness, that I create a flow of Living Waters which will purify my heart. 7. Attain complete, joyous harmony with Great Spirit-walk the Red Road. This requires that I totally surrender my will to the will of Great Spirit, and love others unconditionally without judgment because that is who I am. JANUARY: Cold Moon Unolvtani This time of the season is a time for personal and ritual observance, fasting and personal purification. During this season, families prepare for the coming of the new seasons, starting in Windy Moon Anuyi or March. Personal items and tools for planting are repaired, and new ones made. Stories about ancestors and the family are imparted to the younger ones by the elders. A mid-Winter or "Cold Moon Dance" is usually held in the community as well, marking the passing or ending of one cycle of seasons and welcoming the beginning of the new cycle. Hearth fires are put out and new ones made. The putting out of Fires and lighting of new ones anciently is the duty of certain "priest" of certain clans, and coincides with the first new-arrival of the morning star (Sun's daughter, now called Venus) in the east. FEBRUARY: Bony Moon Kagali Traditional time of personal-family feast for the ones who had departed this world. A family meal is prepared with place(s) set for the departed. This is also a time of fasting and ritual observance. A community dance officiated by a "doctor" Didanawiskawi commonly referred to as a Medicine-person. Connected to this moon is the "Medicine Dance". MARCH: Windy Moon Anuyi "First New Moon" of the new seasons. Traditional start of the new cycle of planting seasons or Moons. New town council fires are made. The figure used to portray this moon is the historic figure of Kanati, one of the many beings created by the "Apportioner" Unethlana. These "helpers" were variously charged with the control of the life elements of the earth: air/earth/fire/water. Their domains are the sky, earth, stars and the Seven Levels of the universe. APRIL: Flower Moon Kawoni First plants of the season come out at this time. New births are customary within this time frame. The first new medicine and herb plants that taught mankind how to defend against sickness and conjury come out now. Streams and rivers controlled by the spirit being, "Long Man," renew their lives. Ritual observances are made to "Long Man" at this time. A dance customary at this season was the "Knee Deep Dance" of the Spring or Water Frog. MAY: Planting Moon Anisguti Families traditionally prepare the fields and sow them with the stored seeds from last season. Corn, beans, squashes, tomatoes, potatoes, yams and sunflowers are some food planted at this time. A dance traditionally done at this time is the "Corn Dance". JUNE: Green Corn Moon Tihaluhiyi First signs of the "corn in tassel", and the emerging of the various plants of the fields. People traditionally begin preparations for the upcoming festivals of the ensuing growing season. People of the AniGadugi Society begin repairs needed on town houses, family homes and generally provide for the needy. The AniGadugi Society is a volunteer help group who see to the needs of the less fortunate, the elderly and the infirm of the villages. JULY: Ripe Corn Moon Guyegwoni First foods or the new planting and the roasting ears of corn are ready. Towns begin the cycle festivals. Dances and celebrations of thanks to the Earth Mother and the "Apportioner" Unethlana are given. In the old times this was the traditional time of the "Green Corn Dance" or festival. A common reference of this moon is the "first roasting of ears" (of corn)...sweet corn-moon. This is the customary time for commencement of the Stick Ball games traditionally called AniStusti, "Little War". Today known as "LaCross". Stick Ball dances and festivals are commonly held at this time. AUGUST: Fruit Moon Galoni Foods of the trees and bushes are gathered at this time. The various "Paint Clans" begin to gather many of the herbs and medicines for which they were historically know. Green Corn festivals are commonly held at this time in the present day. The "Wild Potato" Clans AniNudawegi, begin harvesting various foods growing along the streams, marshes, lakes and ponds. SEPTEMBER: Nut Moon Duliidsdi The corn harvest referred to as "Ripe Corn Festival" was customarily held in the early part of this moon to acknowledge Selu the spirit of the corn. Selu is thought of as First Woman. The festival respects Mother Earth as well for providing all foods during the growing season. The "Brush Feast Festival" also customarily takes place in this season. All the fruits and nuts of the bushes and trees of the forest were gathered as this time. A wide variety of nuts from the trees went into the nut breads for the various festivals throughout the seasons. Hunting traditionally began in earnest at this time. OCTOBER: Harvest Moon Duninudi Time of traditional "Harvest Festival" Nowatequa when the people give thanks to all the living things of the fields and earth that helped them live, and to the "Apportioner" Unethlana. Cheno i-equa or "Great Moon" Festival is customarily held at this time. NOVEMBER: Trading Moon Nudadaequa Traditionally a time of trading and barter among different towns and tribes for manufactured goods, produce and goods from hunting. The people traded with other nearby tribes as well as distant tribes, including those of Canada, Middle America and South America. Also the customary time of the "Friendship Festival" Adohuna = "new friends made". This was a time when all transgressions were forgiven, except for murder which traditionally was taken care of according to the law of blood by a clans person of a murdered person. The festival recalls a time before "world selfishness and greed". This was a time also when the needy among the towns were given whatever they needed to help them through the impending lean winter season. DECEMBER: Snow Moon Usgiyi The spirit being, "Snow Man", brings the cold and snow for the earth to cover the high places while the earth rests until the rebirth of the seasons in the Windy Moon Anuyi. Families traditionally were busy putting up and storing goods for the next cycle of seasons. Elders enjoyed teaching and retelling ancient stories of the people to the young. So-*i 13th or Blue Moon The Additional One is the thirteenth moon and occurs only some years, most years have twelve months. It is naturally added and provides a stable relationship between the seasonal and civil calendars. This month teaches us the importance of balance. If this month did not come along to ensure balance then chaos would prevail, the seasonal and civil calendars would disagree with one another. Months that are supposed to occur in the Fall would occur in the Winter. The celebrations would also be out of order. Like I said, chaos would prevail. Let us be thankful of this month and the balance and order that it ensures. Nu-wa-ti E-qua = Great New Moon Ceremony = This is the first celebration held in the calendar cycle, it marks the beginning of the calendar year. It is always on the first day of Dunin(v)di in the traditional calendar, which is always the first New Moon after the Northern Autumnal Equinox. It is believed that this was the first of all moons which is why we call it the Great Moon. This is a time when beginnings are recognized. A-do-hu-na = Reconciliation and Friends Made Ceremony = This celebration comes seven days after Nuwati Equa. Part of this ceremony requires extinguishing all the fires in the village and relighting them with fire from the cleansed Sacred Fire kept in the townhouse. When the Sacred Fire is ritually cleansed by the village High Priest and attendants then the village and the people are also symbolically cleansed. The fire is said to accumulate or absorb all of the wrongs committed by the people, and when it is cleansed and renewed so to are all the people. In this ceremony unity is symbolized by two chosen people ritually exchanging clothing. One could say that at this time all barriers are torn down. This is also a time of forgiveness when everyone tries to forgive any offenses they acquired during the past year, so they can be free to fully move into the new year. E-la-wa-ta-le-gi = Bounding Bush Ceremony = This celebration begins on the first day of Nvdadewi. This is a time when we acknowledge the source of our abundance, of our blessings. During this ceremony the sacred "old tobacco" is offered by all the villagers to the Sacred Fire in the townhouse. Go-ge-yi = The First New Moon Of Spring = The first New Moon after the Vernal Equinox is considered the beginning of Spring. Again the Sacred Fire is cleansed, symbolizing another great beginning. This moon and ceremony marks the beginning of the seasonal cycle. Se-lu-tsu-ni-gi-s-ti-s-ti = Green Corn Ceremony = This ceremony begins on the first day of Galoni. During this ceremony the people rejoice and celebrate the growth of the foods in the fields. Some of the foods are tasted as tangible evidence of hope and prayers fulfilled. Do-na-go-hu-ni = Ripe Corn Ceremony = This celebration begins on the first day of Dulisdi. The bountiful harvest of mature foods is celebrated. This is the end of the annual cycle of major ceremonies and is usually the last month of the civil calendar, with the exception of the occasional thirteenth month, So*i. U-gu = U-gu Dance = Every seventh year this ceremony replaces Nuwati Equa. It is a ceremony of thanks offered to the Creator by the entire nation led by the Ugu (Supreme Peace Chief). This ceremony serves mainly to show our appreciation to the Creator for creating us. During this ceremony the Ugu is dressed in a special yellow attire made and reserved for this occasion. ●Here's My Yearly Sacred HolyDays... #CREOLE (Louisiana/Americas, Diaspora Alkebulan) Roots ●January 6 – Crossroads, Cemetery Carrefour, Maitre Grand Bois des Ilet, Baron La Croix ●February #MelaninRichHistoryMonth 2 – #Erzulie day, St. Brigette feast #Oya #Yansa rite 14- #PombaGira #FemaleExu 16- MARDI GRAS ●March 5- #MardiGras 1-9 #CARNIVAL 17 – Minor Damballah feast 21 – Shango family festival SPRING EQUINOX, #NEWYEARS ●April 30 – Azacca (Divine Agriculture) feast ●June 6-16 – Simbi festival 21 – Agwe festival, #SummerSolstice 24-27 #CABOCLOS DAY (INDIAN ANCESTRAL SPIRITS) ●July 27-28 – Damballah Feast, Damballah Leo and Damballah Ouedo FullMoon in Leo – Legba feast ●August #Osun 1 – Thanksgiving to Azacca and Erzulie Taureau 15 – Erzulie in her cosmic aspect and as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Procession and blessing of water to her 21- GG ●September 8- #Oshun 15 – Simbi festival honouring children and insects blessing of children and nature 21 – #FallEquinox, #ErzulieFreda festival in her most archetypal aspect as Black Isis or Binah 26- #RRJXI ●October 4 -- Orula 10 – Festival of the Twin Marassas, blessing of children ● Nov 1-4 – Eight Day Festival of the Dead #FeteGhede #DiaDeMuertos #AllSoulsDay #AllSaintsDay first part honours children, then memorial services, procession by the Dead, and spirit communication ●November #AmericanIndianHeritageMonth 16 – Legba Scorpion Festival devoted to magickal work 25-- #Yansa #Oya ● Dec 2 – Festival of Papa Loco and Ayizan December 17 – Feast day of #Babalu-Aye, the Old man, San Lazaro 18- #BlackHawk Feast Day 21 #WinterSolstice . .Orgasmic Fertile energy #BlackMadonna #Heru #KRST #ThunderBird Death & ReBearth Dec 21 – Jan 1 Festival of the Search for Holy Water bless holy water and give it out to people do exorcisms and healings with the water 25 – Legba Capricorn, Legba as Christ 26-27 – Lesser Legba festival to Carrefour 26-1/1 #Kwanza Ase' A'ho HOWAH @RRJXiTips Golanv Gigage Tawodi Tlvdatsi Nomzamo Ma'at Kawlifah AmaruVenus ThunderBird Bast #AncestralShapeShifter


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