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The "Black MaDonna" MAtriarch of Melanin Rich Beings

The Great Melaninated Matriarch (From Indigo, Cinnamon, Copper, Tawny) is Cherished by the Original Beings of the Earth. Here we delve into a brief examination of Coptic Spirituality Christianity vs Todays Abrahamic Religions; Always Research the ORIGIN of any Spirituality System or Religion.

I Embrace the Original spirituality Systems of My Ancestors vs the Remixed Copies, Versions x Thousands of yrs later. Ethiopia (by way of Nubia,Kemet, Mali) is said to Be the Cradle of Civilization along with...

Uluru in Austrailia (AbOriginals)

Tamoanchan (Olmec /Xi) in Central/South America

Mississippi & Louisiana (Southeastern Tribes like Chahtah, Washitaw, Natchez, Na, Muscogee CREEK)

Florida (Great Unconquered Yamassi, Guale, Seminole, Miccocukee Tribes)

East Coast (Shinnecock, Kituwah/Cherokee, Lenape, Delaware

West Coast California (Califians "Black Indians", Arizona & New Mexico the Dine/Navajo, Hopi)

North (Lakota/Sioux, Northern Cheyenne & other Plains tribal Land masses

Ethiopia is Highlighted due to its Importance during the "Christ-mas Season" Before Christianity & other Abrahamic Religions were INVENTED, Alkebulan (AFRICA) had Original Spirituality systems and when the Invader Conquerors came in to infiltrate, they learned our ancestors ways & started to Remix & copy inserting their images & the precursor to Abrahamic Religions were born. Ethiopia (AXUM) is the Resting Place of the "Arc of the Covenant" The Essence of the Spirit of "GOD/GODDESS" Coptic Christianity as it is known today is the Closest to the Original Essence of the Spirituality Systems of the "Motherland" Part of the Cradle of Ciclization... In short, synopsis of my research of the original spirituality systems of the ones metioned in this article, Special Parts of the Earth are Viewed, Reverenced as "Mother Land" to our "Melaniination" (Black Indigo, Brown, Cinnamon, Copper, Tawny) colored Family Earthwide & the "House of Is-Ra-El" Parable is about the Scattered Tribes of Our Melanin Nation, May We Unite Now!

Ase' A'ho!

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