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Ceremonial Sacred Pipes, Wands, Staffs, Sceptres, Flails: Talismans of POWERFUL MANIFESTATIONS!

Ceremonial Sacred Talismans of POWER help assist the Spiritual Seeker in Reaching "Great Spirit" & MANIFESTING. Whether its Breathing Within & out Smoke Signals of Prayer, Affirmationsor or Meditation while holding a sacred object to help Open the Inner Channel of Communication with Spiritual Realm ( Great Spirit, Higher SELF, Ancestors, Spirits & Guides) to Assist One in Ceremony, Ritual, Daily Life Situations, Reach Higher Consciousness, Enlightenment, Healing, Manifesting Desired Results & moor...

Here are some Visuals of Sacred Talismans:

Waya Spirit Medicine Man

Sacred Prayer/Affirmation Pipe

Ethiopian Shaman, Priestess

Wand with Chicken Foot (Voodoo/Hoodoo etc)

Was Sceptre carried by Anubis GoldenWolf

Heqa Sceptre/Crook & Flail

Djed Pillar

Antler w/ Crystal Wands

Antler-Eagle Sacred Prayer Pipe

Ceremonial Waya Medicine Wombman/Man in Ceremony

Smoke Signals/Prayers & Affirmations from Waya Medicine Man

Sared War & Peace Pipe, Ceremonial

Ethiopian Priestess (Shaman, Medicine Wombman)

ChickenFoot Crystal Wand

Was Scepter carried by Anubis Cosmic Wolf

Was Sceptre

Flail & Heqa Sceptre/Crook

Djed Pillars & Knot of Auset

Antler Crystal Wands

Antler, Eagle Sacred Prayer/Affirmation Pipe

Ceremonial Waya/Wolf Spirit Medicine Wombman/Man

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