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"The Dream Web, Dream Catcher, Weaved Blanket In Between Space & Time"

#DreamCatcher #MedicineTool Dream Web, Weaved Blanket In Between Time & Space... "... according to the Ancestors, in some versions of the origins of this wisdom, it was a gift from Spider to show appreciation for an act of kindness by a woman. In return for rescuing Spider from danger it taught this woman the wisdom to construct a web that will protect the user from nightmares letting only the good dreams in. also allowing prophetic dreams when used ceremonially. So to the cl...osed mind such a thing seems like a fairy tale. Now a practitioner of Traditional (Autochthonous) Indigenous Wisdom who has been exposed to this tool knows of its power but mostly on a surface level. The Dream Web holds a key that unlocks the pattern to the sequence of nature and all creation. The Ancestors used this pattern to make a portal to cross to the subconscious realm. The subconscious realm is where we cross from this third dimension of reality into the fourth dimension where thoughts manifest into being instantly, bypassing our limitations of time and space. One of the patterns used to create this subtle energy device is commonly known to scientist and mathematicians as the "Fibonacci Spiral. Imagine the Nautilus Shell at the tip starting at a point and growing outwardly at the exact same rate at each turn expanding. Imagine a Rams horn starting at a point and expanding from the animals head in a pattern that swirls in a circular motion. We are created and grow in this same pattern when we are conceived and developing as well as everything else that exists in creation. Studying and meditating on your Dream Catcher medicine tool is a very powerful practice. I suggest learning to make your own and using it in ceremony, cleansing it, etc. This will help you to experience a more powerful understanding of the subtle energy this tool can harness and the dimensions that can be transcended. This same mathematical pattern is also used by composers to create music. The sequence or pattern that our Native (Autochthonous) Ancestor Wisdom Keepers possessed is referred to today as the Phi Ratio or Golden Ratio. To all of our people who are answering to a call upon your soul to preserve the sacred knowledge of our Ancestors medicine tools and energy fields; you must become familiar with what is known as the "Mathematics of God". This is one of the secrets of the Ancient Ones." Various Sources, Wado

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