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Monthly Sessions Includes:

3 Sessions

●First Session :

Assessment of Life Path Needs, Desires.

Includes Questionnaire & #HOMEWORK

●Second Session:

Grocery List of Tools you'll need to Execute your Life Path Manifestations

●Third Session:

Assessment of PROGRESS & Tips to Go Forward

Sessions Tap into Your Past, Present & Possible Future (Depending on DECISIONS YOU MAKE)

#MontlyForecast Life Path Sessions

For Other Sessions, like #SpiritStrology deals w/your Spiritual Self according to Indigenous Astrology, Animal Totems, Herbs n Roots good for you personally


Ravenredtailhawk Jaguarxi Tips

Monthly Forecast Sessions $pecial

$300.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
  • To Give Your Suggested "Love Gift" Visit: http://PayPal.Me/ravenredtailhawkjag

    ALLOW at least 24 hrs for a reply of confirmation, thank you

    Christina RRJXi

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