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Resurrection Children Of The Sun, StarNations: Ancient AbOriginal EarthSacredSites, Constellations &

Star Nations; "Children of the SUN", Enter the Sacred Gateways of the Heavens (Cosmos) here on EARTH... These Sacred Sites MIRROR Constellations in the Cosmos & is MIRRORED in Our Spiritual Bodies Within...

May these Images, Visuals of Sacred Sites & Symbolism AWAKEN US / RESURRECT Our DIVINE HIGHER SELF "Learn, Know, Master Self" in order to MANIFEST on Earth & Innerstand We Are ONE, We are All Relatives "Mitakuye Oyasin" Melanin Nation!!!!

Ase' A'ho!

Manifestations of the Heavens on Earth filled w/ MESSAGES from GreatSpirit & Ancient Ancestors. Seen as their Clues of the Riddle of Life, FingerPrints, FootSteps of the Ancient Future of the Infinite Cycles of LIFE.


  • Pyramids

  • Mounds

  • Mountains, Volcanos

  • Canyons, Valleys

  • Bodies of Waters

  • Crop Circles

  • Temples, Cities

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