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Aug's Balance of Solar & Lunar Eclipse: Ancient Oral Tradition "Walodi Ate the Sun&quot

Our Ancient Tsalagi Ancestors had "Oral Tradition" Stories to Describe Cosmic & Earthly Events...

When A Solar or Lunar Eclipse would happen Our Ancestors did Spiritual Rituals to Keep the Light of the Sun & Moon going on Earth By having Sacred FIRES in the Middle of Ceremonies, Fire is the Presence of Sun on Earth... One may say Anointed CandleLight in Our Homes is the Presence of the Moon on Earth. This Mirrors the "On Earth as it is in Heaven" or "As Above So Below". Ceremonies, Rituals, Practices are ways to Give WADO/ THANKHS/ SHONABISH CHI, Request Heavenly Assistance, Honor Ancestors, Elements, Teach Youth the Spirituality & Culture of our Bloodline Ancestors to Keep Our Ways of Life Going , Thriving and FRESH... the youth will one day Continue this sacred process. So since August 2017 Hosts a LUNAR & SOLAR ECLIPSE , 2 Sacred, Spiritual & Powerful Universal Events . This Month We Got to EXPERIENCE UNIVERSAL COSMIC BALANCE, The Sun & Moon are a "Divine Partnership" Working together to Produce GRAND, PRODUCTIVE, POWERFULLY FERTILE ENERGY. At the Zero Point of Balance, What will Be Bearthed Forth? The Oral Tradition Story also reveals Cleansing of a Cycle & Something New Being Bearthed Forth from the meeting of the Sun & Moon, like Union of the Crossroads or Southern Crux...I felt led by my Ancestors & Guides to Share this...May We Continue the Traditions, Culture & SPIRITUALITY of our Ancestors... Keep the Torch Lit as "FIREKEEPERS" Soon to pass it to the Next Generation Our Youth.

*One Oral Tradition Story About the Solar Eclipse says:

Walodi "Kanunu" Ate the Nvdaegehi" Frog Ate the Sun is an Old Oral Tradition Story about the "SOLAR ECLIPSE" which mentions Lunar Eclipse...

In Ancient Times a BullFrog "Kanunu" was Very Hungry, So Hungry that He would Come Jump and Eat the SUN "Nvdaegehi" (sometimes the Moon too). This Caused Cloudy Weather and produced a DARK Night. The Wise Elders hated Kanunu so much during that time that they would Shoot Arrows (later guns), Beat the Drums, Shake the Turtle Shell Rattles. The Wise Beloved Wombmen would BANG Pots & Pans together to FRIGHTEN Kanunu AWAY so the SUN would SHINE Again.

Therefore Grandmother "Sun" "Nvdaegehi" Still LIVES... Her Rays Forever Give the Earth , Humans & Animals Life during each of the 4 Seasons, Cycles of Life & the Circle of Life.

Ase' A'ho!


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