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Sacred Sites on EARTH MIRROR Sacred Sites in the Cosmos (Heavens) , As Above so Below... On Earth as it is in Heaven... The 2 Marry the Universal Spiritual EnerGy of Great Spirit & Balance

Sacred Sites that carry Spiritual & Earth Vortex EnerGy:

* BANDIAGARA CLIFFS **** DOGON**** Mopti Mali, Amma, Sirius MultiStar System COSMIC ENERGY, Nommo Shrines

* SEDONA ****Yavapi, KACHINA**** Montezuma Well (Spiral EnerGy), Boynton Canyon, Cosmic EnerGy, Sedona Arizona

*GIZA **** Ausar, Auset, Heru, Kemet Gods/Goddesses, Krst**** ,Pyramid of Giza, Giza Plateau, SPHINX (Lynx Medicine, Mystery Systems) Cairo KEMET

*TIWANAKU **** Aymara Indians**** GATEWAY OF THE SUN, Kalasasaya Platform, Inca Cross, World Tree, Lake Titicaca Bolivia

* MACHU PICCHU **** INCA **** Cusco Peru, Viracocha, Intihuatana HITCHING POST OF THE SUN, Huayna Picchu,

* CHICHEN ITZA **** XI OLMEC, MAYANS **** Temple of Kukulkhan / Feathered Serpent & the Sun, Quinche, Yucatan Mexico

* TEOTIHUACAN **** Toltec,Aztec**** Place Where "the gods were born" Teotihuacan, Pyramid of Moon & Pyramid of SUN, Quetzalcoatl

Visit these POWERFUL Sacred Sites to Recharge your INNER Spiritual Vortex EnerGy to MANIFEST Spiritually (Internal Meditation) & Physically take a trip (External)

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