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A Glimpse INSIDE "Poverty Point" EarthWorks Mound Heritage Site w/ RRJXI

A Glimpse inside RRJXI's Journey to "Poverty Point EarthWorks Mounds" in Epps Louisiana.

Our Autochthonous Ancestors Paid Homage to Nature & Animal Spirits as apart of Great Spirit. They Displayed their Reverence & Respect to Animal Spirits Especially, Here at Poverty Point the "BIRD EFFIGY" EarthWorks Mound is Homage to the BIRD SPIRIT, which includes "ThunderBird" "EaGle" "Hawk" "Falcon" "Raven" "Crow" Spirit. The Bird in Flight is in Close Communication with Great Spirit & Viewed as a VISIBLE Image of Great Spirit. My Family & I Drove the Trail to SEE the EarthWorks Mounds Up Close & Personal. We also went Inside the Museum, Educational Heritage Center on the Grounds which housed Remnants, Relics of Spiritual & Cultural Practices of Our Ancient Autochthonous Ancestors to give us a visual of their way of Life. From Paleo, Early & Late Neo, Meso American Indian Period leading up to, during and after Poverty Point. The pic visuals are "Whitewashed" & inaccurate; Early Ancestors were Darker & More Melanin Rich than the display. Inside they give a Timeline & Mention Our Matriarch/Patriarch Ancestors:

* "XI OLMEC Indians" & Mayan (Toltec etc) /

* Old Kingdom Egypt (Nile Valley Civilization/ Nubia/Kemet)

* Indus Valley Civilization (India)

* New Kingdom of Egypt

* Shang Dynasty (China)

* Hindustan (Now called India)


*First Olympic Period


* 1803 (Illegal Louisiana Purchase)

Note: The order was a lil OFF at Site so I tried to correct it above

We arrived with 20/25 mins til Closing & was able to capture the images above.

We were able to Pour Libations, Drive the Tour Trail, Climb Mound B & View Museum in 20/25 mins... One day I will Return to Climb to the TOP of the BIRD Effigy Mound A & get more pics of things a saw last time but due to time didn't capture. The Site Closes PROMPTLY at 5pm (They Chain the Gate Entrances to Driving Tour Trail & Lock Museum. So Arrival with time to spare is wise to Grasp the Whole Experience of Poverty Point EarthWorks Mounds Heritage Site. I must say it was an Adrenaline Rush to Capture it all in the lil time we did, Overall it was WORTH IT!!!!

Til Next Mound Journey....

Ase' A'ho!!!!

Also See My "YouTube Channel" VIDEO ( for a Visual of Our Experience at Poverty Point EarthWorks Mounds Heritage Site.

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