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Tale of the "Battle of War & Peace of Twin Hawks" Written By Christina "Raven Red

"Battle of War & Peace of Twin Hawks"

Tawodi & HERU Twin Hawks who Live n Harmony Within Me. At the Beginning They Battled, Warred, Fought Long & Hard to See who would Lead, Some days Heru would WIN & Some days Tawodi would WIN...then One Day They Almost Killed Each other; exhausted falling from the Sky onto Earth...both laying there injured IXJaguar approaches in for the Kill til Great Spirit Thunderbird Sent RavenCrow to Summon them "In Between Worlds" to Judge them & Bring Back BALANCE OF SACRED NATURAL LAW. Showing them how to Live n HARMONY. Reminding them 2Gether they're Medicine is STRONGEST! Today Twin Hawks Fly/Circle Above Me, RavenCrow on My Shoulder, IxJaguar by My Side & GreatSpirit Thunderbird Within Me!

This Excerpt from My Book, this Intro is About the Struggle that Goes on inside of Melaninated Persons like Myself & others who have Various Indigenous Tribes INSIDE of them...May you have Peace of Mind Within.

Breakdown of Esoteric: Tawodi (Turtle Island/North AmaruKa) Heru (Alkebulan/AfriKa) Both Reverence the Hawk/Falcon as Thunderbird/Phoenix a Form of (GreatSpirit, All Seeing, Knowing, Consciousness, God/Goddess) Raven/Crow (Universe) iXJaguar(Central & South America, Olmec (Xi).

Namaste', Love& Peace Ase' A'ho

Christina McCoy (also known as) Golanv Gigage Tawodi Wesa (Raven RedTailHawk JaGuarXi) AmaruVenus ThunderBird Bast NomzamoMa'at Kawlifah RRJXI☇

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