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Udetiyisgv "Bearthday" & Pilgrimage to Cahokia "City of the Sun" Mounds STL

Sept 2016, My 1st Pilgrimage to Cahokia Mounds "City of the Sun" with my Princess. As a Descendant of the "Ancient Ones" Mound Builders of the Mississippian Culture I went for My Bearthday "Udetiyisgv" & to pay homage to Ancient Ancestors. With War & Peace Pipe in Hand My Daughter and I Climbed the "Monks Mound" which was Spiritual Center of the Cahokia Civilization for about 300 yrs.

I was Greeted by 4 Animal Spirits:


Black Butterfly (Obsidian Butterfly)


Falcon (Spirit Falcon Warrior/ Falcon Dancer Bird Man)

  • As I Climbed to the Top of Monks Mound I was greeted by the Caterpillar; Represents Spiritual Death or Conception, Entering into the Spiritual Realms Womb, Underworld to be Matured, Groomed, for Growth.

  • Then I was Greeted by a Beautiful Black & Brown Butterfly(Obsidian Butterfly) Represents ReBearth, ReNewal, Ressurection

  • At Woodhenge the Sacred Solar Calendar as I was taking in the beautiful view of the Cedar posts and surrounding greenery a Deer Appeared from behind one of the cedar posts. Deer Represents the Heart & Fearlessness of Great Spirit, in our relatives the Toltec they viewed the Deer as Book of Knowledge & Wisdom, also gateway to Visions for the Spiritual Seeker, one on spiritual path (Shaman, Medicine Womb(Man), Spiritualist, Sage etc.

  • As I was Filming a quick video of Woodhenge a Falcon Darted out Towards Me from Behind the Cedar Posts doing and Awesome but Alarming Speed the began to fly a lil Higher above me... Falcon(Tawodi) was going so FAST that My Camera did Not pick it up until it Slowed down to climb Higher in the Sky. The Falcon, Hawk Represents "Spiritual Messenger" Messenger Between Worlds, Resurrection, Rebirth, Awakening, related to the ThunderBird & the Phoenix & more

Deciphered My Pilgrimage to Cahokia "City of the SUN" ... Visit My "YouTube Channel" for More & Subscribe, Wado (Thankhs)

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