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Epitome of Gvnagei Tlvdatsi Nvwati JaGuar Medicine

"Epitome of Gvnagei Tlvdatsi Nvwati"

(Black/Midnight JaGuar Medicine)"

"Indigo Being of a Million Melanin Midnightz, She Is Monatomic Gold With Copperesque Glow,

Taste of Sweet Honey, w/an Epic Flow.

Don't U Know...

She Carries the Fire, Spirit & Soul of the Ancient Onez

Her Essence, the Aroma of Agarwood, Scent of the Goddess

Grrrowlz Wise Wordz,

Knowledge of Alikchi, Shamans, Hoodoo Queenz & Essenes.

She's FULL of Eternal LIFE...



With Her Appetite SHE COULD TRANSFORM or DEVOUR YOUR FILTHY SOUL LEAVING U BREATHLESS! LIFELESS! Ixchel Will Send U 2 the Underworld or Straight to Hell.

Tell them, Proceed with Caution, Choose Wisely where you'll dwell.

Many Worship Her from AFAR, But ONLY The BRAVE Approach her with GENUINE HEART


Her Divine Mind, Exquisite Womb, Can Open Portals of AKASHIC LIGHT, Experience FLIGHT,

Defying Time, SHAPESHIFT Your Very Mind, Grind...

Invoking One's Evolution She is The SOLUTION!


Salutations...Some Whisper, Scream, Praise her Name... BUT She ONLY WelCOMes the ONE Who Possesses the Master Key to Enter Her UNrivaled Door leading to her Hidden Chamber of HEALING, Housing the ELIXIR of Life. SHE IS THE EPITOME Of "Tlvdatsi Nvwati" JaGuar Medicine .."

@RRJXiTips Written & Copyright by "Golanv Gigage Tawodi TLVDATSI "WESA" Christina Raven RedtailHawk JaGuarXi The Real McCoy

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